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The Intelligent Water Decisions Research Group is working to help people make smart decisions about our most precious resource: Water.

Month: January 2016

How to overcome the unintuitive problems of floods

Like humans, no two floods are alike, so living with them can have its problems. This post considers the unpredictable ‘moods’ of floods and why we need probability simulations to address them. We will look to rainfall as the underlying characteristic of a flood’s personality. But we will soon find that our intuition can be sketchy, our observations sparse, and our methods limited. Continue reading

How can I make great water decisions?

We’ve all had to make water decisions. Every day we make decisions on how much water to use, from how long we spend having a shower to whether water our garden or wash the car. From time to time we might make a decision to replace the dishwasher or install a more water-efficient shower rose. We might replant our garden with more drought resistant plants, or install a rainwater tank.

But you might not realise the extent that making good decisions about water is critical to Australia’s continued economic growth. Our sustainable development depends on the quality of the decisions we make about water. Continue reading


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