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Month: February 2016

How influence will make you worry about model predictions

Influential data have a disproportionate impact on model predictions. This post introduces concepts of influence, as an untapped resource, to provide exciting new insights into the role of data in model calibration.

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Does it need to be there? Remembering exposure in risk

In the engineering world we are often met with questions around risk mitigation, especially when it relates to the rising risk of flooding and coastal inundation. This is often met with a large concrete structure or building hardening, all designed to withstand the elements. But we can take a more holistic approach to risk management and reduction.

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How to make better water storage decisions with this new direction

In this article we look at a new way of thinking about the effects of climate change on water storage systems. The approach presented is more effective for guiding analysis of climate change problems.

Climate change brings uncertainty to the future utility of the world’s water storage systems. Add the complexity of the physical processes behind our weather, and it becomes natural to focus on what is specific to the problem at hand. There are techniques for doing so, which we call climate change impact assessments. But they are often labelled in a way that prompts unnecessary comparisons. This distracts from the key considerations needed to solve these problems.

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