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Month: March 2016

6 Things to consider when analysing time series

Time series is any data collected at regular intervals over a time period. Hydrological time series is very important in making great water decisions. In this article we look at six things to consider when analysing time series.

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When did you last check the condition of your pipeline?

Until now, large-scale pipeline condition assessment has been difficult and expensive. In this article, we look at a fast, cost-effective and non-invasive way of giving your pipes a check-up: Water hammer waves.

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Optimisation heuristics: 4 powerful ways to boost your optimisation performance

Human heuristics, or ‘rules-of-thumb’, can guide optimisation algorithms in an intelligent way towards innovative solutions to complex real-world problems. This article presents four heuristics proven to improve optimisation solution performance while reducing computational overheads.

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Use multiple evapotranspiration models more easily with this R package

Did you know that over 60% continental precipitation is lost through evapotranspiration (ET) globally?  This is why modelling ET has great significance. But, doing it is difficult, particularly considering the large number of models available. This article illustrates how estimating ET is made easy with this R package. The R package enables the use of 17 well-known ET models in a consistent manner.

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10 things I hate about extremes

Humans love comfort (such as a cool drink on a hot day, or a warm fire on a wintery day). But exposure to extremes nearly always tests our comfort zones. As a researcher of extremes, I think about them a lot. I hate them – and in this article I tell you why.

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