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The Intelligent Water Decisions Research Group is working to help people make smart decisions about our most precious resource: Water.

Month: May 2016

What happens when it rains? What is the best way WSUD can help?

Why is Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) important? For most of us, when it appears that it will rain we need to consider questions such as “should I bring an umbrella?” But in the planning of urban spaces there are other concerns. Continue reading

The importance of multi-disciplinary research for alternative water sources

As researchers, we need a range of expertise to fully understand complex water supply systems. In this article I demonstrate what this means in the real world. Read on to find out how multi-disciplinary teams can be so important.

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Improving research capacity: New pipe network test rig

The new test rig pipe network here at the Intelligent Water Decisions research group is under construction. Here is a bit of a walk through of the development of the lab, its history, and how we will be using our new rig.

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