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The Intelligent Water Decisions Research Group is working to help people make smart decisions about our most precious resource: Water.

Author: Michael Leonard

The River Torrens like you have never seen it before

After recent weather  events, the ever-tranquil Torrens Lake is in danger of getting a new reputation: Actually flowing with water.

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A sightseeing tour in the field of extremes

Probability and statistics concepts evade many people. Join me on this brief tour exploring four landmarks in the field of extreme value statistics. Continue reading

How to overcome the unintuitive problems of floods

Like humans, no two floods are alike, so living with them can have its problems. This post considers the unpredictable ‘moods’ of floods and why we need probability simulations to address them. We will look to rainfall as the underlying characteristic of a flood’s personality. But we will soon find that our intuition can be sketchy, our observations sparse, and our methods limited. Continue reading


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