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Category: Climate Change

Water utilities adapt through data-driven decisions

The important decisions made by water utilities need to include considerations of an uncertain future. This may mean that they will need to adapt their thinking.

The most important questions to ask about climate change

In this article we look at the most important questions to ask about climate change, so we can make better decisions. Those questions are: Under what circumstances will a system fail? And can we extend a system’s breaking point?

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Sizing up extreme storms in a future climate

Storms are becoming more intense as the climate changes. This is just one reason why the signing of the Paris Agreement by 170 nations in New York last week is great news. Finally, there is a sense of momentum; a shared purpose worldwide that the rate of climate change urgently needs to be slowed down. The next—and most important—step is for countries to ratify the treaty and enshrine the agreement in national legislation. Let’s all hope this progresses smoothly and quickly.

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