The University of Adelaide’s Faculty of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences held Ingenuity 2016 on 28 October. The event showcases the work of final year undergraduate students from across the faculty. ThisĀ  year thousands of primary and high school students, as well as interested parties from industry and the general public, came along to see what the fuss was all about.

In the Intelligent Water Decisions group we were very proud to have a number of our Honours students present their research. The projects addressed a range of important water issues, from flood modelling to pipe integrity testing. See the video below for some of the highlights.

Students at Ingenuity 2016 explain their work

Ingenuity has become a key event on the calendar of our students. It gives them an expectation that their research shouldn’t just languish about in papers, but instead be visible and useful. In many cases, it showed the students that the ability to explain their research to the general public is important, too! If the kids at Ingenuity don’t get it, all the fancy models, lollies and takeaway goodies in the world won’t help them to engage with you and your project.

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